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Events Coming Soon!

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UTVForums.net is working hard to provide a list of all the featured events around the world!  Please keep checking back! HALLOWEEN WEEKEND AT GLAMIS 2009

UTVForums.net Project RZR-S

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The UTVForums.net Project RZR-S started out brand new and bone stock back in November 2008. It was purchased from Mr. Motorcycle in El Paso, Texas. Shortly afterwords, several friends of mine purchased RZR’s and we were off to the races! We headed out to Mescalero Sands near Roswell, NM to see how well they would do in the sand and we documented all of the action!

TeryxForums.net Project Teryx

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TeryxForums.net Project Teryx is finally finished! After a very long and hot summer in the garage, I can say that the TeryxForums.net Project Teryx is  finally DONE! With the help of many of the finest manufacturers in the business, I was  able to build this vehicle by myself, (save for fabrication, and paint) in about […]

UTVforums Network

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UTVForums.net is  the largest UTV Network on the web with over 25,000 members, 500,000 messages, and 6 dedicated forums.  These community’s are composed of enthusiasts who love the sport.  You’ll find a wealth of information, reviews, help, and more.


UTVForums.net is the world’s largest network of UTV online communities! These websites offer a comprehensive collection of UTV information. Dedicated websites by model or brand for the true UTV enthusiast who share the passion for riding. These forums provide the best way to learn, share information, discuss problems, pricing, performance tips, safety, riding events and much more.